Bright-field and Dark-field Illumination

Front Bright field and Dark field illumination.

Data sheet
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  • Compact design
  • Homogenous light field
  • Universal mounting
  • Rough, metal housing

  • The lights are supplied in different wavelengths
  • Bar Lights are supplied with several light beam angles
  • Lighting intensity can be regulated by CM-01 Mini universal controller
  • Highlighting or suppression of uneven surfaces
  • Illumination of DPM codes, text and marks
  • Engraved and embossed surfaces illumination
  • Surface defects illumination

Controller CM-01

Terminal box output “OUT LIGHT T” – Light connection

Terminal +24 V: light positive pole
Terminal PWM: PWM signal
Terminal 0 V: light negative pole

Terminal box input “IN LIGHT T” – Power supply and control signal connection

Terminal +24 V: positive pole of 24 V DC Power Supply
Terminal 0 V: negative pole of 24 V DC Power Supply
Terminal TRIG: Trigger signal from camera, PLC, etc.

Controller cm-01 Controller cm-01 schema